Whatever you requirements, K.E.T. can provide a complete package for your electrical requirements. Our team of electrical designers can deliver quality design projects using computer aided design (CAD) or Engineering, Planning and Analysis (EPLAN) systems. Our electrical design projects contain complete schematics, list of materials and terminal layouts for efficiency of installation.

From our designs we manufacture electrical control panels and field control boxes to be delivered and installed on site. Our electricians possess the track record, knowledge and ability to install all electrical components to complete the project.

Our employees have worked extensively within the automotive industry and understand the risks and procedures to safely carry out work without affecting production facilities. With fully qualified personnel to provide electrical services throughout a factory we have successfully completed the electrical design, panel manufacture and installation of complete control systems for a range of facilities throughout the motor industry. We have provided control systems for automated robot cells, conveyor systems, error proofing systems and water test facilities. Upon request, we are able to design and install many other bespoke systems requested by our customers.

K.E.T. can also provide power supply installations from the factory bus bar to provide power outlets and 415v/240v supplies to control panels, as well as comprehensive area lighting installations.

Error Proofing System

K.E.T. have developed and installed a material delivery error proofing system. The system is designed to ensure that the material delivered to the production areas, is correct. Delivering incorrect material to a production line can lead to production down time which can be very costly. Our system ensures that facility downtime is prevented thus avoiding loss of revenue and profits for our clients.